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So I wanted to try out some new fonts I got, and this is what happened. I wanted to do more, but then I wasn't quite really sure what.

Finally, some AMV progress!

So, yeah, I've been working on this AMV for several weeks now and I've just finally made some progress. Though to be fair I was juggling it around with two other AMV ideas (that have to be done before March), but I've decided to do this one first so it will just get the fuck out of my head.

Enjoy the 39 seconds I have done!
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Yep, I've decided to try and promote my commissions again. Prices are below if you would like to take a look at 'em, and please help spread the word if you can!

100 - 300 word drabble = $3*
500 - 1000 word short story = $5**
1500 - 3000 word short story = $10***

Slot 1: Empty
Slot 2: Empty
Slot 3: Empty

Anything longer than any of these will be $15. These prices may change depending on certain issues, but I'm hoping to keep them all the same. It depends on how many people are interested, really. ^^' I prefer PayPal, but if you need to pay by some other way please let me know, and I will be glad to mail you your commission if you ask. I'm up for anything, but please keep in mind that if you request a fan fiction for something I don't know at all I may not be able to do it. If you would like to see samples of my work, please check out my dA here, but please keep in mind some of them are old.

*$4 if you would like original, hand-written draft
** $6 if you would like original, hand-written draft
*** $11 if you would like original, hand-written draft


I just learned how to make fire in Photoshop to make a sig for an AU Avatar RP. I really love the results and proud of myself that I was able to do it, so I wanna show you guys here on LJ. :>

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Bored, so's I made this~

See that icon up there? I mades it from an awesome fan art I found~ While I don't have the WIP of how I did it (though it's pretty easy, I just messed around with photoshop) I can show the original and the larger image. I may mess around a bit more, and if you want me to make you an icon just send me a pic and roughly what ya want me to do with it. Enjoy~

Original Image (may make some icons of the other Vocaloids from this pic, too)
Larger Image
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Pick 20 movies/anime/video games/comic books/literary works/television series and put their summaries from BETTER THAN IT SOUNDS and WITHOUT CHEATING have your friends guess.

1) Kid Detective solves murders after barely escaping his own with a Fountain Of Youth.

2) A number of people aboard a train find they have conflicting interests. An old man looks for friends he shared a drink with a long time ago.

3) A lawyer with spiky hair defends the innocent through courtroom antics and really dramatic pointing, beating down an old friend and said friend's mentor in the process. His old boss sticks around to help from beyond the grave.

4) They aren't even real and the most well known of them is Mary Sue.

5) A boy with a misleading name tries to solve peoples' problems using a Sharpie and a hammer. Cast includes a green amnesiac, a neurotic vampire, a masochistic med-school dropout, a pervy sharkboy, and a walking grandfather clock.

6) Dead people fight other dead people but almost never to the death.

7) Smug witch makes a Weirdness Magnet her bitch.

8) A lesbian meets the girl of her dreams. She's a he.

9) Sexually ambiguous High School boys play baseball. [Probably the easiest one on this list.]

10) A coward adopts a secret identity, acquires a horrible nickname, gets repeatedly shot at and visits Las Vegas because his upper classman thinks they can win the Japanese high school Super Bowl with three guys and a dog.

11) An indescriptible force of darkness has forced itself onto the world, making the little people capable of exiting the pool without a ladder. This same force makes killing them slightly less desirable for the god.

12) Two boys shaped like their initials figure out how to pass the summer. Their sister suffers a steady plunge into mental illness

13) Guy rages over old TV shows and movies, does countdowns, and dies often.

14) Investment Fraud: The Musical.

15) Flamboyant gourmand gains powerful friends and proves himself useless.

16) A short megalomaniac from a society where height determines rank tries to conquer/destroy the ultimate Crapsack World while being opposed by the ultimate Butt Monkey. Also involves pigs and monkeys. And doom.

17) A feminine ADD-riddled kid makes movies with a fat kid & masculien girl. He also takes advice from his fat middle-aged coach, whose only pick up line is to ask women if their father was fat.

18) A scythe and the daughter of a scythe attend an Extranormal Institute and fight a snake witch. Death employs children to fight a mad god, and watches while they end up going mad in the process. Author is pop culture fan who does it for the lulz and the cool over, and over again.

19) A one-year-old baby trains a kid to be a Mafia boss while shooting him in the head.

20) A futuristic aristocrat tries to redeem his mom's old boyfriend. Or: The Count Of Monte Cristo In Space!
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